You are your BRAND !

The BRAND, lets say this brand is called YOU.  Big companies understand the significance of Brands.  Today in the age of  ” Individuals”, you  have to be your own Brand.  You need a great LOGO.  One that sweeps across ones eye that will most definitely bring great name recognition & reinforcement.  Most of us don’t know this is even happening. Now you are Branded.  Now you are legitimizing yourselves.

In any business, certainly the entertainment  business we all need to understand how very important Branding ourselves can be to create the ultimate success, today.    Remember, YOU are the head marketer for your BRAND, called YOU.  It’s really all that simple and that hard !!  That said, it is truly unavoidable. The awesome news is, that everyone has the opportunity to stand out.  Check back with us for simple steps to take.


Cindy Garnick, Ceo


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One thought on “You are your BRAND !

  1. Gregg Garnick says:

    Cindy. You”re absolutely right. Whether you are selling software or music one needs to differentiate from the pack. The first step after the product is spun is creating the brand and communicating the branded backed product to the targeted market. If the inventor, musician doesn’t take these basic steps, no matter how good the product is – no one will know about it or care. Branding is a given for anyone or anything to see the light of day.

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