Loyalty to your fans

With all the hype going on in the government, should they regulate the entertainment industry ??  

Which came first the chicken or the egg??

We can’t have it both ways, either can they.  Globally, the choice was to be internet based.  There were tons of monies made in this time period, the tech boom. Well, guess what ???  As wonderful as it is, as Artist’s can now promote themselves virally.  The labels are hurting.  They made tons of money in their time, than the Artist’s said, I don’t want to have my profits cut  AND I don’t need to as LIVE NATION was born.  Artist’s are much more in control of how they promote their music and how they get paid. Not saying it is easy but there is so much flexibility to gain exposure.

I’m going to quote journalist Bob Lesetz ” I’m not saying you shouldn’t get paid, I’m just saying if you’re not doing it because you love it, if you wouldn’t do it even if you didn’t get paid, quit today.  Music is not a conventional profession, It’s a CALLING .”

Beautifully written, BOB !!! Amen !

To every artist that I work with,  I EXPLAIN.  You must have a connection with your listener, your fans.  That’s what it is all about. It’s an ongoing relationship between Artist and FAN !!!!  I can’t say  the labels or the industry will be loyal to you, but your FANS  WILL !!!!  They know when you’re giving it all, and give you back what you NEED !!!!  

Here’s a SECRET, the truth is, a true artist will pay the fans to listen to them !!!!  Getting back to The BOND, It’s between you and your fans. It’s that simple.

Keep it real and keep on rocking !!!!

Cindy Garnick



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