Loyalty to your Fans !

With all the hype going on in the government, should they regulate the entertainment industry ??   Which came first the chicken or the egg?? We can’t have it both ways, either can they.  Globally, the choice was to be internet based.  There were tons of monies made in this time period, the tech boom. Well, […]

Dan Traynor Founder of The Show MERSEY speaks of Cindy Garnick.

We are certainly going to hear more about this new break out show, MERSEY.  A Musical about the British Rock invasion. We think the best of Dan Traynor, who speaks of Cindy in this article from the Marple Newtown Patch News Paper.   Traynor credits several people for pulling the show together, including Teresa Werner, […]

Garnick Entertainment Works With Matt and The City Limits

We are proud to announce Garnick Entertainment works with Matt and The City Limits.  Matt Berman only 20 years old, New York City-based singer songwriter, alto saxophonist and composer already boasts a resume with which a jazz enthusiast couldn’t help be impressed.  Herbie Hancock, Slide Hampton, Reggie Workman to name a few, Matt has played […]

Quote For The Day !

I’m sitting here and thinking about SUCCESS.  How does one become SUCCESSFUL ? What separates people who are successful and those who are still scratching their heads as to why they are not?  Read this quote carefully, if it resonates with you, I think you are onto something !  Every job is a self-portrait of […]

X- Factor’s Poor Judgement (co-signing disrespect) on National TV ????

I don’t normally watch X Factor, not for lack of wanting to see  NEW emerging superstars but simply because of my demanding schedule like all of us.  I did however, catch the last few minutes of the judges deciding on the bottom two, ASTRO and STACIE FRANCIS in this past Thursday’s episode.  To say that […]