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A Brand Builder is only as good as his/her TOOLBOX !

  Often clients come to us asking us to build their Brand.  A Brand Builder is only as good as his or her TOOLBOX.  Yes, of course we can create the interest for eyeballs to turn your way.  This is not enough!  What I mean by this is: What happens once we get them there??  Are […]

Ingredients for Success

 So we all know, or should know, the model of getting signed to a major label is pretty slim. The glory days of getting picked up by one of these labels…which I think only two or three exist today, is gone.  ”Nothing lasts for ever”, someone once said.  It’s true.  Trying to get picked up by one of these […]

” The Plan “

We are dynamic individuals. I think the most impressive model we have to look at, who happens to be a skilled marksman, re-inventor is Madonna. For some youngsters she is worth looking into dating back to the 80’s. It’s a ways back, but she is still going rather strong. Her model, changing it up should […]

Loyalty to your fans

With all the hype going on in the government, should they regulate the entertainment industry ??   Which came first the chicken or the egg?? We can’t have it both ways, either can they.  Globally, the choice was to be internet based.  There were tons of monies made in this time period, the tech boom. Well, […]