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The Amazing Kreskin appears on Healthy Lifestyle with Eraldo TV

As seen on Johnny Carson over 80 times, and The Jimmy Fallon Show, The Amazing Kreskin, Amazes Eraldo !!! Check out the show by clicking on the link below. https://www.dropbox.com/s/007foqxnl4eiiqc/Healthy%20Lifestyle%2011%20Seg%231.mp4?dl=0  

Beauty Blogger Ashley Chennel talks with Eraldo Maglara

Beauty Blogger Ashley Chennel talks to Eraldo Maglara and co-host Jacqueline Laurita of RHONJ on Healthy Lifestyle With Eraldo. See Interview Below.  

Hanging in the studio with Bravo’s Dr. Tabasum Mir and Publicist Heather Ashley

Too much fun hanging with these lovely ladies. Bravos, Dr. Tabasum Mir  and Publicist, Heather Ashley. On set of Healthy Lifestyle With Eraldo TV.