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What do we do here at Garnick Entertainment?

This is a question we have been asked several times. Know that we are welldiversified, working with clients in not only entertainment but in numerousindustries. Our goal is in transforming ANY companies or individual’s imageto strengthen their brand. Clients we’ve worked with include Publishers,Musicians, a Renewable Energy Company, Photographers, Films & Film Makers,Actors, Recorded & […]

Do I have to Move to NYC or LA to be discovered ??

I think this is a long gone myth.  Years ago, this was true.  It was the dream for any aspiring Actor or Musician. I think we can all remember growing up and thinking these two places were the end all be.  Of course they are very relevant in the entertainment industry, no doubt.  However, there’s […]

Is age a major factor in the Indie World of Music ?? ( I say, “NOT” )

Is it a pipe dream to become a success in one’s latter years ??  Should one couch the idea and chalk it up to “could of, should of, would of ” ?  Quite frankly, there are a high percentage of Artist’s over 30, forwarding to forty that we speak to.  Is it just as exciting […]