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IT’S SHOWTIME ! “POWER Your Life” Premieres TONIGHT 8 pm on WMCN 44

Tonight’s first POWER Your Life show has you in mind for the holidays with great healthy eats, keeping fit, and saving money!  Tune in to WMCN 44 at 8PM EST.

Do I have to Move to NYC or LA to be discovered ??

I think this is a long gone myth.  Years ago, this was true.  It was the dream for any aspiring Actor or Musician. I think we can all remember growing up and thinking these two places were the end all be.  Of course they are very relevant in the entertainment industry, no doubt.  However, there’s […]

Ingredients for Success

 So we all know, or should know, the model of getting signed to a major label is pretty slim. The glory days of getting picked up by one of these labels…which I think only two or three exist today, is gone.  ”Nothing lasts for ever”, someone once said.  It’s true.  Trying to get picked up by one of these […]

Loyalty to your Fans !

With all the hype going on in the government, should they regulate the entertainment industry ??   Which came first the chicken or the egg?? We can’t have it both ways, either can they.  Globally, the choice was to be internet based.  There were tons of monies made in this time period, the tech boom. Well, […]