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Hanging in the studio with Bravo’s Dr. Tabasum Mir and Publicist Heather Ashley

Too much fun hanging with these lovely ladies. Bravos, Dr. Tabasum Mir  and Publicist, Heather Ashley. On set of Healthy Lifestyle With Eraldo TV.  

IT’S SHOWTIME ! “POWER Your Life” Premieres TONIGHT 8 pm on WMCN 44

Tonight’s first POWER Your Life show has you in mind for the holidays with great healthy eats, keeping fit, and saving money!  Tune in to WMCN 44 at 8PM EST.

Is age a major factor in the Indie World of Music ?? ( I say, “NOT” )

Is it a pipe dream to become a success in one’s latter years ??  Should one couch the idea and chalk it up to “could of, should of, would of ” ?  Quite frankly, there are a high percentage of Artist’s over 30, forwarding to forty that we speak to.  Is it just as exciting […]

” The Plan “

We are dynamic individuals. I think the most impressive model we have to look at, who happens to be a skilled marksman, re-inventor is Madonna. For some youngsters she is worth looking into dating back to the 80’s. It’s a ways back, but she is still going rather strong. Her model, changing it up should […]