Cindy Garnick is one of those rare human beings who puts her heart, creative energy and soul into the work she does for her clients. She’s forward thinking, dedicated, accessible, well connected, on-target, upbeat, and always has the big picture in mind to get the best possible results for her clients. Best of all, she delivers and gets great results! As a Production Consultant for the Power Your Life TV Show, Cindy has brought wonderful talent and ideas to the show and has helped to build ongoing relationships. Thank you, Cindy! 

Dr Jo Anne White –
Award Winning Author, Executive Producer and Host of Power Your life Radio & TV Shows, Certified Professional Coach



Cindy Garnick is the essential catalyst for any successful project. Not only does she bring exceptional experience and energy to the table; but pairs it with the foresight and key learnings to leverage this knowledge into best practices for all involved.

Frederick Calalang
City Director, RAW: natural born artists, Philadelphia
Advisor, Philadelphia City Council Committee for Global Opportunities & Creative/Innovative Economy



CEO Cindy Garnick is a rare find in the entertainment industry.  She cares about her artists both personally and professionally and puts positive energy into their talent development. Her class, professionalism, enthusiasm and inside knowledge of the business make her a much sought after commodity in this competitive industry.

Denise Spaulding
Spaulding Entertainment



Cindy Garnick contacted me about being a guest on Dr. Jo Anne White’s Show “Power Your Life.” They were devoting the entire show on Autism, so I was very excited and looking forward to it. This truly was a unique opportunity for me and the foundation. Cindy and I spoke several times over the phone about the show, and I found her to be extremely helpful and very supportive. She shared valuable information and gave me guidance on what to expect. She also made me feel extremely comfortable about the TV experience I was embarking on. Then, I finally met Cindy at the taping of the show. It was an absolute pleasure to meet Cindy, Dr. White and her crew. Cindy is professional, very energetic, has a magnetic personality, and is very compassionate about the topics and people who participate on the show. It was a memorable experience and I was so honored to be part of this ground-breaking show!! I look forward to our continued relationship.

Linda Kuepper
Founder/CEO – The Autism Cares Foundation



Cindy Garnick is a testament to the fact that there are honest, caring people with integrity working in today’s entertainment industry! She is dedicated to being creative, professional and generous with every artist and project she undertakes.

Stephen Dijoseph
Documentary Film Maker, SynapTIC Adventure



I have had the good fortune and privilege of working with Cindy. She is a breath of fresh air in the entertainment world.  Her eye for detail and her vision are like no other. She has an unshakable confidence that only comes from  knowing her field of practice inside and out . She has gone above and beyond, not only in my professional life, but connecting with me on a personal level to really capture the essence of who I am as a person. While working with Cindy I realized that she was not working for me, but with me… creating a complete package of mind – body – spirit.

Colleen St. Michaels
Angel Wisdom



I highly recommend Cindy Garnick and her company Garnick Entertainment. Being a photographer I have had the wonderful opportunity to work with Cindy on many various projects for the past several years. From Photographing head shots to photographing her clients who are singers, musicians, TV personalities and many others in the entertainment industry and other industries as well. She brings a wonderful energy and a terrific creative process with her. Cindy always has a game plan in place with great ideas and knows exactly what she is looking for to help promote her client and their Brand. She has her clients best interest in mind at all times and communicates her thoughts and ideas clearly to create incredible content. Not only is Cindy one of my best clients she has even given me some wonderful ideas to help promote my own business and Brand. It is truly a pleasure to know and work with Cindy on an ongoing basis.

Brian Bortnick
Brian Bortnick Photography



In the few years I’ve known Cindy, she has become a close associate and dear friend for a number of reasons. First of all, she’s like an attack dog – Cindy gets the job done. She’s creative, always thinking out of the box, and a tremendous self-starter who will go the extra mile and not quit until she’s exhausted every resource. I’ve watched her quickly and fearlessly broaden her palate from artist manager to project manager to an accomplished talent booker/TV production consultant in a short time, doing so with unflappable integrity, loyalty, and the burning desire of a prize fighter. Building relationships is easy for Cindy – people just love her. Her personality is supremely sweet and sincere, a rarity in this business and all the more reason why she would be a charming and cherished addition to any team. Go Cindy!

Randy Alexander
Randex Communications, President/CEO



I have had the pleasure of working with Cindy Garnick since 2011. Cindy and I began our working relationship together after she attended one of my live performances. I knew within in 30 seconds of meeting Cindy that we were the perfect fit! As I was beginning my career as a singer/songwriter, Cindy was so instrumental in connecting me with people in the industry with whom I still work. Cindy is also a true powerhouse when it comes to booking events. She helped me build my roster by getting me booked at wonderful venues in the Tri-State area that I never would have booked on my own. She has a vested interest in the client as an individual, and is great at both recognizing and nurturing her clients’ strengths and talents. What stands out most, however, about Cindy Garnick is that she treats every one of her clients like family. When you work with Cindy, you hear from her every single day. She is constantly updating her clients’ social media pages, and promoting any upcoming events. I have seen her in the audience of one of my shows, then see on Facebook that she is across town an hour later checking out another client’s show! Cindy Garnick not only represents her clients, but is a loyal fan, and believes in them, and I believe this is what has attributed to the success of her clients.


Meg Wilkinson
Singer/Songwriter –


Cindy has a real gift for being able to see the big picture and vision for each project. She knows how to connect the dots ~ AND she’s a joy to work with too!

Amy Otey
Miss Amy – Kids Rocker/Fitness Guru



I have worked with Cindy for several years. She is a multi-faceted image maker and producer. What has impressed me the most with her is the uncanny ability she possesses to know immediately what needs to happen to take her clients and projects to that next level. Her vision is always on point! Cindy is a Queen Midas, in my opinion… Everything she touches turns to gold!

Beth Zinman
Zinman Interactive


Cindy is extremely diligent in all she does. I’ve seen the direct impact her efforts have had to take an artist from being no one, to being “someone”. Her industry knowledge and astute vision are unmatched! No matter what the task she gets the job done, leaving no stone un-turned!

Ron Berman
CEO, Sweet Sounds Music




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